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Jessie Day X yuni

All images ©yuni

Exciting news!

This month, my collaboration with women's wear brand 'Yuni' is in stores across Japan. It consists of a a dress, skirt and tote in two different colour ways. I designed an embroidery that they developed into a jacquard weave. This collection is released under the collaborative label of 'Jessie Day X Yuni' and I am very proud to finally see my name in a garment label and work with such a talented team of designers! We hope to continue to develop the relationship over future collections.

Yuni are a fantastic women's brand that launched in 2014, with a focus on hand craft, quality textiles and simple elegance. Garment shapes are loose and easy to wear, suitable for women of all ages. They are very creative brand and are great to work with. Yuni is one of the 30 brands that make up the Ambidex company and have several stores around Tokyo and wider Japan.

I hope you like the designs. You can see more of the collaboration and get a good sense of the Yuni aesthetic via their instagram:

If you would like to explore the Ambidex company, have a look at their online store to see some more great designs:

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