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Gina Marris

Not all of my posts are going to be essays as I have deadlines at the moment. But I wanted to share with you the work of a designer I met at Chelsea Flower Show. Her name is Gina Marris and she creates beautiful, sculptural macramé pieces that are an intricate combination of knots and colour. She's currently part of The New Craftsmen platform for luxury craft and I will pop a link below to that site. I am choosing to showcase Gina's work as macrame is everywhere at the moment but I haven't seen anyone produce it with such skill and considered colour choices as Gina: she's really taking it to another level. I think it's beautiful. I must mention her work was exhibited alongside Katherine May's fabulous natural dye cushions and the two worked together brilliantly, along with a gorgeous display of illustrations and dye notes from Katherine. All of it was housed in a cabin in the woods as part of The New craftsmen's Artisan Retreats installation. I loved the whole thing, I just wanted to live in their cabin!

DSC01107 (1).jpg

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